Burritos where and when you want them. Only a launch away.

BurritoBot™ is the latest in food delivery systems from the makers of Beerzooka™. If you live within delivery range of one of our BurritoBot catapult locations in San Francisco or Los Angeles, your specially-made burrito will be fired straight into your home* or hands using our state-of-the-art burrito targeting technology.

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How BurritoBot works

1. Order!

Order either with your web browser or mobile app. We currently have 1 type of burrito. Bean and cheese. Deal with it. No substitutions.

2. Wait!

Wait about a minute for your burrito to be prepared targeted on your position. Try to stay still and ignore any red dot lasers that may cross your body.

3. Watch out!

Don your safety goggles and catch your burrito! It will be traveling at about 60 mph, so be prepared for a fast lunch! Some customers prefer to use a baseball glove to avoid injury and burrito destruction.

4. Enjoy!

If your burrito is still intact after firing, enjoy (what's left of it)! Sorry, no refunds for missed burritos or accidental bird/plane collisions.

See what our satisfied customers have to say!

"I’ve gotten a burrito almost every week this month, and I’ve only been hit in the face once! I knew about BurritoBot before it was so mainstream. You probably haven't heard of it (until now, I guess)."
—Some hipster

"The burritos from BurritoBot are such a great value! They're enormous! Here's a picture we took, and we used our baby for scale. I think they make them so big to compensate for the ingredients that fly out during transit."
—Sharon, San Francisco

"BurritoBot is, by far, the greatest thing that has happened to me since that time a guy gave me some bread. When I find a misfired BurritoBot burrito laying in the street, it's like Seagull Christmas."
—A seagull near AT&T Park, San Francisco

* Damage to unopened windows and doors are the responsibility of the owner. Please use caution.